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Flonal Rocky Twins Multi-Cooking Tool 11"


Flonal Rocky Twins Multi-Cooking Tool 11"


Rocky Twins

A set consisting of a frying pan + a wok, which can be used either individually as traditional cooking tools or joined together to form ROCYK TWINS! The pan is transformed into a lid that, thanks to special couplings, forms with the wok a single body capable of retaining the heat inside, reducing considerably the cooking time.

An outstanding steamer:
by means of the stainless steel grill, ROCKY TWINS become an highly - performing steamer; the perfect matching of the lid with the body keeps the heat inside by reducing cooking time.
Rocky Twins is compatible with all the cooking surfaces, induction included. In fact, it is available the induction version, which uses the new Flonal technology. It consists in applying the magnetic bottom simultaneously with the forging operation; this allows to optimize the production process and to limit considerably the costs in comparison with other induction lines of the same quality level.

Outstanding steamer
Easy opening and locked position at 60°
Reinforced MagmaTech coating, incredible release
MAGMA-TECH non-stick coating: hardness and durability over time

MAGMA-TECH non-stick coating, applied in 5 layers, is designed to offer the maximum wear and scratch resistance; the mineral particles that are added to the coating constitute a real barrier that protects the coating itself even when using metal kitchen tools. A coating that, such as the stone, is able to guarantee the maximum resistance and stable performance over time.



  • Magma-tech technology
  • Hard mineral particles prevent scratches and abrasions
  • Non stick properties guaranteed over time
  • Prevent food from easy urgings
  • PFOA-free, the Original multi cooking tool by floral



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