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Flonal Palladium Terrae Pot 10"


Flonal Palladium Terrae Pot 10"


Flonal palladium terrae the cold forging technique, addressing a greater amount of aluminum in the top edge and bottom, improves the Product stability by ensuring a longer life. With its quality of greater durability, Teflon select is a coating for ultra-intensive use and the one which guarantees exceptional non-stick properties, thanks to its three reinforced layers, obtained with the addition of mineral hard particles. The result is a "barrier effect" that prolongs the exceptional durability of the non-stick coating and improves its already notable resistance to scratches and abrasions. It is the ideal coating for expert chefs as well as for users who don't want to take particularly special care.


  • Heat resistant matt black silicone lacquer
  • Forged aluminum body (about 98% aluminum), 4,0mm base Thickness, great base stability and optimal heat distribution
  • Teflon select: reinforced primer, for great durability and maximum adhesion
  • Teflon select coating: reinforced mid-coat, provides enhanced scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Teflon select coating: topcoat, provides excellent release
  • Reinforced upper rim, Coated flame guard: elegant and stain-free, ergonomic handle, soft touch finishing for easy and safe grip.

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