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Ceramic Earthen Pot 62.5 oz 9.5"


Ceramic Earthen Pot 62.5 oz 9.5"


  • Made in Korea, made from the natural heat resistant clay, glaze-fired twice with a natural glaze
  • High temperature resistant (100-130 Degree) safe for using in microwave, gas electric stove and charcoal stove
  • Helps retain nutrients and Vitamin during cooking time
  • Available keep the pot with containing foods in refrigerator and freezer
  • Easy to clean, no smell remaining on the pot surface, dish wash safe
  • Contains a little steam hole on the lid to prevent boiling over

Excelife ceramic pot with glass lid, made in Korea, traditional and authentic Korean style earthen pot. It made from 100% natural, clay, not containing any chemical. The history of ceramic in Korea has been for about 4000 years from ancient time; it means scientifically, historically and technologically has been approved durability, heat resistant and safety, no cracks and does not break easily even in dramatic temperature changes. The Korea stoneware is defined as ceramics fired at about 1,100 degrees (2,010 Degree) to 1,300 degrees (2,370 Degree) and glazed, that much it has higher quality and durability comparing to regular stone bowl. The Product is made in modern design and Color. Excelife ceramic pot is perfect for hot pot, soup, bibimbaps and other Korean food and Asian food.

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